The ACSP Code of Ethical & Professional Conduct

V1, 14-June-2021

Admission to the Association of Consultancy Service Providers is conditional upon Members agreeing to adopt and abide by the Association’s Code of Ethical & Professional Conduct.

The ACSP Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is to help our Members serve the public in general, their clients in particular, the reputation of the profession of management consultancy and comply with all applicable laws.


Members shall at-all-times act efficiently in the delivery of services by optimizing personal, client & other resources to complete the work.


Members shall at-all-times consider and recommend sustainable solutions for its clients.


Members shall take responsibility to represent the interests of the management consultancy industry and the wider community.

Members will endeavour to ‘give back’ to the community through social responsibility schemes.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Members shall maintain awareness of and comply with all laws, regulations or contractual requirements arising from the operation of their consultancy and the specific consultancy engagement/project.

This will include requirements placed on them in all the territories where they provide services or where their clients may reside.

Members will not cause any person or person to contravene any applicable law, regulation or contractual requirement during an assignment/project.

Public Confidence

Members shall always act in a way to maintain and improve the public’s confidence in the industry by conducting all their activities in a manner that fosters confidence in the profession.

Respect for the Profession

Members shall exhibit conduct that reflects honourably upon and enhances the standing of the profession throughout the community.

Integrity & Professionalism

Members shall maintain integrity and professionalism at-all-times by:

  • respecting the rights of other professionals in the industry,
  • not using proprietary information or methodologies without permission,
  • act fairly and reasonably to all interested parties during all assignments/projects.

Members shall maintain a formal conflict-of-interest and disciplinary processes to uphold this code of conduct.

Breaches & Complaints

The ACSP is committed to upholding this Cod of Ethical and Professional Conduct and therefore will investigate all complaints related to all alleged breaches by its Members.

The ACSP Council will conduct a fair and objective investigation following the Association’s documents complaints & grievance process.

— End —